Five Things Women Think Guys Want in Bed . . . But They Actually Don’t


Here are five things women THINK guys want in bed . . . but they actually DON’T.

  1.  Making a ton of noise when you “finish”. Making noise is great, but do whatever feels right to you . . . not what you think HE wants you to do. Because if it feels forced to you, chances are it’ll probably seem forced to HIM to.
  2.  Talking in a baby voice. The baby voice is bad any time, but it’s the WORST when you’re getting-it-on.
  3.  Saying his name over and over again. One or two times is hot. But if you start saying it over and over, it gets awkward.
  4.  Keeping your eyes closed. Some people aren’t big on eye-contact during sex, and that’s fine. But keeping your eyes closed the ENTIRE time makes it seem like you’re thinking about something or someone else.
  5.  Not speaking up if you don’t like something. Guys don’t necessarily want to be bossed around, but it’s even worse to keep quiet if something isn’t working.


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