Five Things Companies Do That Keep You From Looking For a New Job


Walking out the front door | Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks | Flickr

A new study says more than half of us say we’d HAPPILY leave our job if a better one came up. And 44% are actually looking for that better job right now.

But we’re not going to focus on them . . . we’re going to focus on the people who WOULDN’T leave their job right now. What’s keeping them so loyal?

The survey found the five things a company can do to keep their employees from looking to leave. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Paying them more than they could get somewhere else.
  2.  Providing above average benefits.
  3.  A fun work environment.
  4.  A flexible work environment.
  5.  Fitting in with their values.

(PR Newswire)

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