Five Random Facts About Easter Candy

Photo credit: Flicker | Dave Haygarth

Photo credit: Flicker | Dave Haygarth | Easter Sunday

Easter is on Sunday, and Americans are expected to spend around $2.4 BILLION just on candy. With that in mind, here are five random facts about Easter candy . . .

  1. Easter is the second-biggest candy holiday of the year. Halloween is first, followed by Easter.
  2. 87% of parents will buy or make an Easter basket for their kids. And 81% of them will STEAL candy from their kid’s stash.
  3. 89% of people believe the proper way to eat a chocolate bunny is ears first. 5% like to eat the feet first and 4% go for the tail.
  4. More than 1.5 BILLION Peeps are consumed each year. And there are 35 flavors of Peeps available each Easter season.
  5. Americans eat more than 16 million jelly beans during Easter. That’s enough jelly beans to circle the globe three times.


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