Five Last-Minute April Fools’ Pranks You Can Still Pull on Your Coworkers


It’s April Fools’ Day! And if you want to pull a prank at your office today, there’s still time. Here are five April Fools’ office pranks that require little or no preparation.

  1. Cover their stuff in sticky notes. Get a few coworkers together and cover someone’s cubicle with Post-It Notes. Or, if you don’t have time before they get to work, sneak out to the parking lot and do it to their CAR.
  2. Rubber band their office phone. Get a few rubber bands and wrap them around their office phone so they can’t pick it up when it rings.
  3. Hang a sign on the “new” voice-activated copier. Chances are, people have seen this one before and won’t fall for it. But if they do, the results are totally worth it.
  4. Kill their mouse. Unplug their mouse from the back of their computer or take the batteries out. Then once you’ve had a good laugh, let them in on it so they can actually, you know, WORK.
  5. Mayonnaise the doughnuts. We don’t endorse the “messing with food” type of April Fools’ Day prank, but if you’re a heartless jerk, this one’s for you. Buy a dozen regular, glazed doughnuts and spread some mayo on the top as frosting. Then offer one to a victim of your choice, or leave the box in the breakroom.



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