Why are Fifth Harmony Dancing in a Bombed-Out City in Their New Video?

The way things are in the world right now, it might not be such a good idea to make a music video that looks like it’s set in a city that just got BOMBED. Especially if it’s gonna be a BOOTY-SHAKING video.

But that’s kind of what FIFTH HARMONY did with their video for “That’s My Girl”. It takes place in a city where SOMETHING just happened. They don’t tell us WHAT, but it could easily be a war-torn area like Aleppo. (Or, as Gary Johnson calls it . . . What?!)

The ladies show up to help, but they also DANCE. In fact, they mostly dance. If they were going for some kind of fantastical, Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic thing, they failed. There’s nothing here to indicate it’s not 2016.

The clothing, the bombed out cars, the ruined city . . . they’re all very much of the present. The girls even have a not-remotely-futuristic Jeep.

It’s just weird . . . and an odd choice, given that there are a lot of cities in the world that look like this right now.

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