Here’s why you don’t feel like a grown-up (Until your 29)

feel like a grown-up

Tom Hanks in Big(1988)

People are REALLY pushing their young, dumb years as long as they can these days . . . and then pushing them even more.

A new study found the average person says they don’t feel like they’ve become a “grown-up” until they’re 29.

Here are the top 10 reasons WHY . . .

  1. Relying on your parents.
  2. Living at home.
  3. Playing video games.
  4. Watching kid’s movies like “Frozen”.
  5. Watching cartoons.
  6. Having a fear of growing up and taking responsibility.
  7. Not wanting a real job.
  8. Wanting to travel and see the world.
  9. Looking up to juvenile role models.
  10. Not having enough life experience.

The study also found the top 10 signs you’ve become a grown-up.

Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Buying your first home.
  2.  Becoming a parent.
  3.  Getting married.
  4.  Contributing to your IRA.
  5.  Bragging about your house.
  6.  Getting life insurance.
  7.  Looking forward to spending a weekend night at home.
  8.  Doing home improvement work.
  9.  Hosting dinner parties.
  10.  Having a joint bank account.

(The Independent)

feel like a grown-up

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