*Facepalm… Chance the Rapper Wants to Know If Dinosaurs Are Called ‘Dinosaurs’ Just Because They’re Old

It’s not a great idea when celebrities start asking questions about history and science, when they don’t know what they’re talking about.  But that’s what CHANCE THE RAPPER did yesterday.

He started Tweeting about how old the Earth is, and said he was doubtful that it’s 4.54 billion years old.  He said, quote, “I know it’s old, trees and rocks and alligators and stuff, but I give this joint a million [years] on the high side.”

Then, he dropped this question:  “Does ‘dinosaur’ refer to how old they are, or just that they was animals and not humans?”

Well, here’s his answer . . .

Sir Richard Owens created the name ‘Dinosauria’ in 1842, by combining the Greek words for “terrible” and “lizards”.  So the name ‘dinosaur’ describes WHAT they are, not their age.


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