Did Your Parents Let You Do These Five Things Unsupervised? And Would You Let Your Kids Do Them Today?

A lot of people say kids aren’t as independent these days, because we don’t LET them. And a new survey looked into how much times have changed. Over 1,000 parents were asked about five different activities . . . if they’d let a 10-year-old do them today without supervision . . . and if their parents let THEM do each of them at the same age. Here’s what they said . . .
  1. Would you let your 10-year-old stay home alone for an hour or two? 53% said THEY did it by the time they were 10 . . . but only 36% said it’s okay for kids today. (Only three states have age limits for leaving kids alone, but most have guidelines.)
  2. Walk or bike to school alone? 68% did it . . . only 43% would let their kids do it now.
  3. Play in a public park on their own? 51% did it as kids . . . only 26% would let their kids do it now.
  4. Play in the yard without an adult. 91% did it . . . 78% would let their kids do it today.
  5. Go trick-or-treating on Halloween without an adult? 44% did it when they were kids . . . only 24% would let their own kids do it.
The survey also found that just 60% of kids today enjoy playing outside. Only 1 in 10 said it’s their favorite activity. And overall, the one activity they enjoy the most is playing video games.   (RelayGo)