A Demolition Team Tore Down the Wrong House, Because of Google Maps


A tornado damaged a bunch of homes in a suburb near Dallas back in December. And a demolition team was supposed to tear one of them down on Tuesday.

But they probably should have taken a few seconds to double-check the address . . . because they ended up tearing down the WRONG HOUSE.

The one they were supposed to demolish was one block over. Both homes had tornado damage, but the one they tore down by mistake wasn’t as bad, and the owners were planning to fix it up.

And apparently it happened because the demolition guys used Google Maps to find it, and it pointed them to the wrong address.

There’s no word yet on a lawsuit, but we assume one’s coming. Apparently someone from the demolition company already admitted it’s their fault though.

(WFAA / 9News.com)


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