If You Want to Date Someone Hotter Than You, Become Friends With Them First


Everything you’ve ever heard about dating tells you NOT to get stuck in the friend zone. Because the other person will never see you as anything other than a buddy. But what if that’s WRONG?

A team of psychologists from Northwestern University in Illinois just did a study, and found that if you want to date someone HOTTER than you, you should become FRIENDS with them first.

They found that couples who were around the same level of attractiveness had started dating an average of a MONTH after they met. Couples that were more mismatched in attractiveness had usually known each other MUCH longer.

The theory is pretty simple. Even if your looks don’t blow someone away at first, once they become friends with you and get to know your personality, they could still find themselves attracted to you.

Of course, there’s no guarantee your super hot friends WILL eventually want to date you . . . we’re just saying it’s the best chance you’ve got.


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