Do You Cut Sandwiches, Wear a Watch, and Sit on the Toilet Like a Normal Person?


It’s time to find out if you’ve been doing very basic things in a STRANGE way without even realizing it.

Buzzfeed just put out a quiz to find out how “normal” people do some basic, everyday things. Here’s what they found . . .

  1.  48% of people sit on public toilet seats. 27% squat or hover over them, and 25% use a seat cover or put down a layer of toilet paper.
  2.  You know how your earbuds say “L” and “R”? 91% of people follow that and put the corresponding bud in the correct ear.
  3.  79% of people cut their sandwiches diagonally. Only 21% cut them down the middle.
  4.  Only 42% of people shower in the morning, the other 58% shower at night.
  5.  97% of people wear their watch with the face on the outside of their wrist. 3% have the face on the inside.
  6.  And 5% of people eat pizza by starting with the crust.


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