Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier


According to a study from the State University of New York in Buffalo, drunk couples are HAPPIER.

A professor of health behavior named Dr. Gregory Homish led the research . . . he’s been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for ten years.

He wanted to see if drinking and smoking caused problems in relationships over time, or if it was the difference in the AMOUNT of drinking and smoking between a husband and wife that caused problems.

So they had 600 couples answer questions before their wedding, then a year later, then two years, four, and seven. And not surprisingly, ALL couples saw their satisfaction go down somewhat over the years, no matter what their vices were. Bummer.

And yeah, drinking and smoking a lot can strain a marriage. But . . . couples with different habits at different LEVELS were MORE likely to feel dissatisfaction.

In other words, couples who BOTH drank and smoked were more likely to be happy with their marriage. And they were even more likely to be happy if it was at the same level. Also, the satisfaction was higher when it comes to alcohol, compared to smoking.

Which maybe isn’t THAT surprising, when you factor in the randiness that comes with getting your drink on.

(Your Tango / SUNY)

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