Cop Arrested in Baltimore for Biting Man’s Testicles

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As if Baltimore police don’t have enough to do, they now have to investigate one of their own for allegedly biting another man over a woman. Michael Flaig, a cop in Anne Arudel County, near Baltimore, was arrested on Cinco de Mayo after a man says he bit him in an alleyway behind a bar. The man says he told Flaig, who was off duty at the time, to stop touching his female roommate inappropriately.

According to the police report, Flaig ran up behind the man and tried to punch. He then pulled the man to the ground and during the fight the man straddled Flaig and that’s when he says he was bitten.

Flaig, a 10-year veteran on the force, is now facing assault charges and has been placed on “paid administrative duties.”


Source: Huffington Post

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