The Most Common Secrets we Hide, 60% of us REALLY don’t want anyone to know this


Secrets people dread their family or friends finding out

Do you have a secret that’s SO bad you plan on taking it to your grave? If you say, “No” . . . you’re lying. I’ve got like 15 horrible secrets and I’m an open book.

A new survey found 60% of people say they have at least one secret they REALLY don’t want people to find out about. And most of them have been keeping it for at least 15 years. Here are the ten most common deep, dark secrets . . .

  1.  An affair.
  2.  An embarrassing incident.
  3.  Your web browsing history.
  4.  Debt.
  5.  Sexual fetishes.
  6.  Something in your family history.
  7.  A phobia.
  8.  Something you bought.
  9.  That you smoke, or used to.
  10.  Someone you’re in love with.

(Western Daily Press


(You can see the top 25 secrets here.)

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