Comedian creates “Salsa Tequila” to prove songs don’t have to make sense. It’s #1 in Europe

(Reddit) A Norwegian comedian wanted to prove that songs could become club hits without making any sense, so he collected randoms words and names in Spanish (a language he did not speak) as lyrics and added cliché saxophones and accordion mixes. The song charted across Europe, reaching #1 in some places.

“Salsa Tequila” is a novelty song by Norwegian comedian Anders Nilsen in Spanish. He doesn’t speak Spanish, as he admits in the song by saying “No hablo español” (I do not speak Spanish). To make the song even catchier, he uses accordion and saxophone mixes noting their usage had become prevalent in many recent hits. The song is written and produced by Nilsen, and was released in 2014 on Sony Music. It was a huge commercial success in Norway and the Netherlands and has charted in Belgium. The lyric music video is directed by Galvan Mehidi.

OK this song is hilarious.

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