College Student With a DUI Has Been Driving Her Toy Barbie Jeep to Class in San Marcos

Toy Barbie Jeep to Class

20-year-old Tara Monroe is a junior at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She got a DUI in March and her license was suspended. But she needed a fast way to get around campus, and she says, quote, “riding a bike sucks.”

So . . . she bought a pink Barbie TOY JEEP off Craigslist. It runs on a 12-volt battery and maxes out at five miles per hour. It also looks ridiculous when an adult is driving it.

She’s been spotted in it all over the campus . . . which has led to TONS of people posting pictures of her on social media. She says, quote, “This is the best way I could’ve gotten my 15 minutes of fame.”


Toy Barbie Jeep to Class

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