These “Christmas Explosion” Videos Are Not Really Explosions

There’s a viral trend on TikTok that’s made for the holidays.  Literally.  It’s dubbed “Christmas Explosion” and it’s a two-part video that you film with your phone. 

In the first part you’re holding a Christmas ornament as you enter a room that has NO holiday decorations.  You pull the ornament HOOK off, as if it’s a hand grenade, and then toss the ornament into the room and retreat out the door.

Each video also uses sound effects to match the actions.  For the first part, there’s a soldier saying “Alright, let’s move out.  Fire in the hole” . . . and then a loud explosion after the door is closed, or you leave the room.

Then comes the second part where you walk back INTO the room, but now it’s fully decorated for the holidays . . . and the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is playing.  Obviously, you decorate the room after recording the first part.  


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