Chocolate is better for you than exercise!. . . but there’s a catch


This is one of those stories that sounds like AMAZING news but gets less and less amazing with every detail. But that’s a spoiler . . . for a few brief, shining moments, bask in the glory of this sentence:

Chocolate is better for you than exercise!

Now that you’ve heard it . . . time to kill your dreams.

Chocolate contains a chemical compound called flavanols. Researchers at Columbia University and New York University found that a large dose of them were better for the brain than exercising.

They increased the blood flow to the brain, improved people’s memory, and made them sharper overall.

BUT . . . it took a TON of flavanols to do it. The researchers used a concentrated form of cocoa powder for the test. To get the effects at home, you’d have to eat 44 POUNDS of chocolate in a DAY.

And while that’s better for your BRAIN than exercise . . . it’s exponentially worse for your body. So . . . until we can get our hands on that concentrated cocoa powder, this study basically has no effect on our lives.

(Oxford University Press)


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