Would You Buy a Secret, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album for $50K?

A New York auction house called ‘Gotta Have Rock and Roll’ is placing a CD up for bids later this month, and it supposedly contains a full, finished album of unreleased MICHAEL JACKSON songs.

It looks like a blank, Sony CD-R . . . but it has the word “Bible” written in blue sharpie, and it features 12 mastered tracks, all with completed vocals.

Different versions of three of the tracks . . . “Monster”“Breaking News”, and “Keep Your Head Up” . . . appeared on “Michael”, the first album that was put out after his death.  But the other nine tracks have never been released.

The CD was in the possession of an anonymous person who’s described as a, quote, “personal friend and personal assistant to Michael, whose family was very close to Michael for many years.”

The starting bid on the unreleased album is $50,000.  There is a catch, though . . . the winning bidder will NOT have the rights to the music, so they won’t be able to distribute it in any way.

There’s no reason why you can’t play it at a party to impress all your friends.  Although, if you have $50K to burn, impressing your friends probably isn’t something you have a problem with.  (Here’s a video report on the auction.)