A Study Finds the Best Pose to Help You Attract People in Online Dating

Whether or not someone swipes right on you on Tinder usually comes down to a matter of SECONDS. They glance at your picture, make an instant judgment, and swipe. So you’d better make that picture count.

A new study out of Princeton University found the best pose for getting dates. And the trick is . . . to spread yourself out.

The researchers found that people who had pictures where they held their arms out to the sides or put their feet on a desk and leaned back with their hands behind their head had more success than people who crossed their arms or kept their arms in tight.

And the difference is significant: People who stretched themselves out in their photos got almost TWICE as many messages as people who closed themselves off.

The researchers say that basically, you’re just like a peacock. Quote, “In the animal world, taking up more space and maximizing presence is used as a signal for attracting a mate.

“By exerting dominance, they’re trying to signal, ‘I am able to do things, I have a space, I have access to resources.”


(Here are two good “open” poses and two bad “closed” poses.)


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