Being Around Friends Increases Your Life Expectancy . . . Being Around Family May Shorten It


We all feel like we’re supposed to prioritize family over friends. But it might lead to an early DEATH.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada analyzed more than 400,000 people to figure out what impact friends and family have on your lifespan.

And they found having a strong social life with friends has a positive impact . . . it improves your chance of living longer by 7%.

But having strong connections with your family might do the OPPOSITE. They didn’t give a percentage, but they say that regular contact with family might actually add stress to your life, rather than make you feel loved and supported.

There is SOME upside to spending time with your family, though. The researchers found that spending time with family, friends, or both leads to a HAPPIER life.

So even if it’s a shorter, more stressful life, at least it’s happy. And at least you’ll die early with everyone saying you were a good son or daughter?

(The Independent)

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