Beer Can Help Male Fertility

Hey gals, you may want to think twice the next time you complain to your spouse about the beer belly he’s getting from drinking too many pints. Seems, all those suds may help you become a mommy one day. According to a new study out of Massachusetts General Hospital, drinking beer can actually help increase a man’s chances of having a baby.

The study looked at the habits of men around the age of 37, whose partners were undergoing IVF fertility treatments. Apparently, of the 105 men studied, those who drank at least 22g of alcohol (about a pint and a half of beer) daily were two times as likely to have a baby using IVF than those who didn’t drink beer.

But while beer may be great for a male’s fertility, caffeine had the exact opposite affect. In fact, men who drank at least 264mg of coffee were the least likely to have a baby, indicating that all that caffeine could harm a man’s sperm count. If they decreased their coffee intake to less than one a day, their chances of conceiving rose 52 percent. But they were a heck of a lot grumpier.


Source: New York Post

TL/DR: New study suggest a beer a day can help a man become a daddy

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