Awesome Karma Sauce! Guy kicks Dog. Dog and its Pack Attack his Car!

I’m a human being . . . so why do I ALWAYS take the dog’s side in dog-versus-human stories? Am I a traitor to our species?

A guy was getting out of his Volkswagen Jetta in Chongqing, China last week when a stray dog wandered up to him. So he KICKED the dog, then went inside.

But the dog was NOT about to take that like a punk. He walked away . . . got some of his dog buddies . . . and they all came back together to get their revenge on the guy’s CAR.

They chewed off the windshield wipers, “keyed” his car with their claws, and left big dents by biting the fenders and wheel wells. Then they took off . . . and haven’t been back since.

One of the guy’s neighbors saw what was happening, and took a bunch of photos of the dogs as they vandalized the car.

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