What Advice Would You Give Your Teenage Self?


CBS News Graphic: The hardest piece of advice to live by | http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-vanity-fair-poll-advice/

If you could travel back in time, and somehow NOT destroy the present and cause the rise of the machines, what would you tell yourself as a teenager?

A new survey asked people what ONE piece of advice they wish they could go back and give to themselves as a teenager. And it had to be vague life advice, not like, “Invent Google.” Here are the top 10 . . .

  1.  Get a better education, 16%.
  2.  Be bolder and stronger reaching for your goals, 11%.
  3.  Plan better for the future, 9%.
  4.  Relationship advice, 7%.
  5.  Slow down, and take it easy, 6%.
  6.  Live life to the fullest, 5%.
  7.  Be true to yourself, 5%.
  8.  Don’t do dumb things, 4%.
  9.  Don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, or party, 4%.
  10.  Listen to your parents and respect your elders, 3%.

And 1% of people say their life has been perfect, no advice necessary.

(CBS News)

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