Aaron Carter Gets Arrested for DUI, Just After Saying We Won’t See Him Getting Any DUIs

AARON CARTER was arrested for DUI after being pulled over at 9:00 P.M. in Georgia on Saturday.  Technically, he was arrested for SUSPICION of DUI, because he refused a breathalyzer and drug testing.

He was hit with three misdemeanors:  DUI . . . possession of less than one ounce of marijuana . . . and possession of “drug related objects.”  His girlfriend Madison Parker was also in the car, and she was arrested and charged with obstruction and two drug related charges.  They’ve both posted bond and have been released. Aaron was supposed to be performing in Kansas City on Saturday night, around the time he was pulled over in Georgia.  But several hours before, his people Tweeted, quote, “Due to transportation issues, Aaron will not make his set time tonight in Kansas City.”  This is Aaron’s first DUI arrest . . . and it had some AMAZING timing.   Just FIVE DAYS before the arrest, Aaron was talking to the paparazzi about Shia LaBeouf’s drunken arrest, and he boasted, quote, “You won’t catch ME getting any DUIs.  I don’t have any DUIs.”  TMZ has video of him saying that, and just after he says that, a guy in the background says, quote, “Because I drive.”   It’s unclear who that guy is . . . but he WASN’T driving on Saturday night . . . possibly due to those “transportation issues.”   For what it’s worth, Aaron claims he was being TARGETED because he’s a celebrity.  In a statement on Twitter, he said he was “aggressively” arrested inside an Auto Zone, after he went there looking for help with his car.

He said he has a medical license for the marijuana, and was “not in a moving vehicle while arrested and charged with DUI.”  He also took an angry swipe at his brother Nick, who made it sound like Aaron DID need help.