A Woman Texting and Driving Crashes . . . and Impales Her Butt on the Guardrail

It’s clear that no matter how many stories we hear about the dangers of texting and driving, we’re not going to stop. But if ANY story was going to change your behavior, it might be this one.

Christina Jahnz of Elizabeth, Colorado dropped her daughter off at school last Wednesday and was running late to a meeting. So as she drove there, she tried to text that she was running late.

But when she looked down to send it, she crashed into a guardrail. And somehow, that guardrail plowed through the front of her car, went through her thigh, and impaled her IN THE BUTT.

The paramedics had to saw off the guardrail and take her to the hospital with it still stuck inside of her.

She had emergency surgery where the doctors removed the guardrail and gave her tons of stitches. Amazingly, she survived . . . she says the doctors told her if it had gone in just a little bit the other way, she would’ve died.

(NBC 9 – Denver)