A Woman Spent Four Days in the Hospital Because Her Skinny Jeans Were Too Tight


There’s an old cliché that it’s better to look good than to FEEL good. I would say that counts as TERRIBLE advice . . . especially when someone takes it to the extreme like THIS.

A 35-year-old woman in Adelaide, Australia was recently helping a relative move . . . and she wore SUPER skinny jeans. She spent a few hours squatting to get stuff out of the kitchen cabinets and when she tried to walk right afterward, she COULDN’T.

Her calves were so swollen it was impossible to get the jeans off, and she had no feeling in her feet.

She was rushed to the hospital where they had to cut the jeans off . . . and she was there for FOUR DAYS before she could walk again.

The doctors who treated her said this should be a good warning about being careful with wearing skinny jeans . . . or at least being careful about what you do when you’re wearing them.

(Courier Mail)

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