A Woman Is Busted Hiding Drugs In Her Fake Butt


33-year-old Jill Roy of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts works at Dunkin’ Donuts. And in spite of unlimited access to unlimited calories, apparently she’s still super skinny with no butt.

So Jill went ahead and got herself a FAKE BUTT prosthesis, which she wears out to give herself a little extra something.

How do we know? Because Jill hasn’t just been using her fake butt to attract men in possession of anacondas.

Jill was pulled over a few weeks ago, and as she was standing near a cop car, a bag of marijuana that she’d hidden in her fake butt fell out of her pant leg. So the cops took her into the station and searched her.

During the search, a female deputy noticed the fake butt and asked Jill to take it off. And when she did . . . there were illegal painkillers AND a bag of heroin hidden in it.

Jill was hit with several felony and misdemeanor narcotics charges.


(The Smoking Gun

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