A Woman Handed Out Resumes on the Street, and Got 13 Job Offers in Three Days


We’re not saying this would work for everyone, but if you’re looking for a job, here’s someone who didn’t expect something to fall in their lap . . . got creative . . . and proved they knew how to hustle.

28-year-old Carrie Kemeling quit her job in Buffalo, New York earlier this month after she got passed over for a promotion.

She was a sales rep at a jewelry store for three years, and she’d been in the industry for seven. And when she realized they were never going to make her a manager, she decided she could do better.

So instead of eating junk food and watching “Maury” for a week straight, she immediately started looking for a new job . . . by standing on a CORNER and handing out resumes to anyone who would take one.

For the next three days, she got dressed up like she was going on an interview . . . stood next to a sign that said, “Not homeless, but hungry for success” . . . and handed out resumes.

And by the end of her third day, she had THIRTEEN different job offers.

None of them paid what she wanted though. So she kept at it, and ended up getting a full-time job with an I.T. company called Stampede Global. She started work this past Tuesday.


(Today / Buffalo News)

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