A Woman Complained When a Bathing Suit Left Her Lady Parts Exposed . . . But She Was Wearing It Upside-Down

This has got to be the kind of thing customer support people LIVE FOR.

A college student named Lyndsey Brown from Glasgow, Scotland was on vacation in Spain with some friends this weekend.  And she was having some serious issues with her bathing suit . . . specifically, it wasn’t covering her lady parts.

So she sent a message to the company.  Quote, “Hey, I wore that swimsuit today . . . my vagina was hanging out constantly.  Is it supposed to stretch like that?”  She also included a photo.

And the swimsuit company wrote back, quote, “I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside-down.”

That’s right:  The swimsuit was a one-piece with just one shoulder strap.  And when she put it on upside-down, that shoulder strap was now at the bottom . . . and didn’t cover her up properly.

One of her friends posted the text exchange on Twitter and now it’s going viral.  

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