A White Woman Is Suing a Sperm Bank After She Wound Up With a Black Baby

36-year-old Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, Ohio went to a sperm bank in Downers Grove, Illinois back in 2011. And she’s white, so she picked a white guy as the donor.

But when she gave birth in August of 2012, she had a baby girl that was MIXED RACE. Turns out the sperm bank had mislabeled the donor and he was actually a black guy.

So now Jennifer is SUING them. The suit says she and her lesbian partner Amanda love their daughter, but raising her has been stressful . . . because they live in an all-white town.

The suit says Jennifer grew up stereotyping non-white people, didn’t meet any black people until college, and says she has, quote, “limited cultural competency relative to African Americans.”

Jennifer also says her family has already had ENOUGH trouble embracing her homosexuality, so she doubts they’ll embrace her daughter.

She’s suing for wrongful birth and breach of warranty.


(Chicago Tribune)

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