A Tornado Tears Through a Guy's House . . . and Throws All the Stuff He Stole From His Neighbors Onto His Lawn

 You don’t hear many stories about tornados causing something GOOD to happen.  But today, we’ve got one.

On Sunday, a tornado tore through Kingsport, Tennessee and damaged several homes, including a place that belongs to 26-year-old Jerrod Christian.

And in the process of ripping through his house, the tornado flung a bunch of Jerrod’s stuff onto his lawn . . . including a bunch of stuff he’d STOLEN from his neighbors, like several expensive power tools.

So when his neighbors went over to see if they could help him out, they were shocked to see their stuff on his lawn.

They called the cops . . . but it turned out Jerrod was already in jail for disorderly conduct.  Now he’s been charged with burglary and theft.

(ABC News

Here’s his Mugshot:

stolen stuff tornado

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