A Third of Us Take the Same Lunch to Work Every Day . . . Here Are the 10 Most Common Lunches


It sure would be nice if mom still packed your lunch every day. But allegedly you’re an adult, so that would probably be weird . . . and definitely would be sad.

A new survey found one out of THREE people say they take the same lunch to work EVERY SINGLE DAY . . . and most of them have been doing it for at least four-and-a-half years. Here are the 10 most common things people pack themselves . . .

  1.  Cheese sandwich.
  2.  Ham sandwich.
  3.  Chicken sandwich.
  4.  Salad.
  5.  Other type of sandwich.
  6.  Tomato soup.
  7.  Pasta.
  8.  Vegetable soup.
  9.  Wrap.
  10.  A microwave meal.

(Daily Mail)

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