A Poll Shows More People Side with Taylor Swift Than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


After KIM KARDASHIAN released those phone conversations between KANYE WEST and TAYLOR SWIFT, it seemed like most people took Kim and Kanye’s side in the feud over his song “Famous”.

The popular opinion was that the videos proved Taylor LIED, even though there’s no audio showing that Taylor knew about the lyric, “I made that [B-word] famous” . . . which is what she’s always claimed she was bothered by.

In any event, Buzzfeed had a political polling company do a formal survey . . . asking over 2,500 registered voters where they came out in this supposed feud. You know, because it’s just THAT important. (???)

Of those polled, 75% were hip to the feud, which is incredible because they aren’t Buzzfeed readers, they’re just random people. On top of that, 38% were at least 55 years old, and 21% of them were over 65. So, like, grandparents.

So who wins? Taylor Swift. She got 34% of the vote, compared with 8% for Kim and Kanye. If there’s a saving grace here, it’s that more than half of voters apparently don’t care. 58% either had no opinion, or weren’t ready to make an official endorsement.

As for overall impressions, 55% of the people felt favorably about Taylor. Kayne only had a 15% favorable rating, and Kim had 16%.

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