A New App Tells You Which People to Eliminate From Your Life


If you want to end a friendship with someone, what better way to break the news than showing them charts and graphs?

There’s a new app called ‘people keeper’ that scientifically determines which people you should ELIMINATE from your life. It’s actually spelled ‘pplkpr’ . . . which is ‘people keeper’ with the vowels removed.

You wear a device that measures your heart rate, and it sends that data to your phone in real-time by Bluetooth . . . there are a ton of those on the market since the wearable fitness trend started.

Then the app gauges your heart rate as you talk to people. And over time, it figures out which people make you the most STRESSED, NERVOUS, and ANGRY.

The people who created it say there’s a chance the app could be more than just a friend eliminator. They believe it could help people with autism who have trouble understanding emotional reactions to situations.

(Fast Company)



(You can download the app for free, search for pplkpr in the iPhone app store.)

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