A Model in High Heels Beat Up a Mugger on the Way to a Miss Universe Audition

A 26-year-old model named Kirsty Grace was in Birmingham, England last month to audition for their Miss Universe pageant.

And as she was getting out of her car, a guy came up and tried to steal her purse.  But here’s what he didn’t know:  Kirsty is trained in Krav Maga.  (Pronounced krahv-meh-gah.)

It’s a type of martial arts they use in the Israeli army . . . and it’s specifically designed so you can defend yourself in situations like the one Kirsty was in.

So even though she was in four-inch high heels, she managed to punch the guy in the face and kick him in the knee . . . which got him to let go of her purse and run away.

Then she went to the audition and nailed it . . . so she’ll be in the pageant next month.

The cops are trying to track down the guy who mugged her.

(Manchester Evening News

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