A Jury Ruled that “Blurred Lines” Does Rip Off Marvin Gaye


A federal jury ruled yesterday that “Blurred Lines” DOES rip off the 1977 MARVIN GAYE song “Got to Give It Up”.

And they ordered ROBIN THICKE and PHARRELL WILLIAMS to pay Marvin’s kids $7.4 million. The Gayes also sued T.I., who appears on the song. But the jury let him off the hook.

During a week-long trial, Gaye’s family brought in a musicologist who testified that there was a “constellation” of eight similar elements in the two songs.

Their attorney also noted that in several interviews, Robin said he told Pharrell he wanted to write a song LIKE “Got to Give It Up” . . . and that Pharrell had said he tried to pretend he WAS Marvin Gaye while writing it.

Robin, Pharrell and T.I. released a statement saying the verdict, quote, “sets a horrible precedent for music and creativity going forward.” And it sounds like they plan to appeal.

(Here’s a mashup of the two songs.)

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