A Hooters Waitress Gave One of Her Customers a Kidney


I always assumed the waitresses at Hooters might harbor a great disdain for the guys who go there pretending they love the food. But apparently that disdain doesn’t run as deep as I thought.

72-year-old Donald Thomas is a long-time regular at a Hooters in Roswell, Georgia. And a 22-year-old waitress named Mariana Villarreal waited on him recently. (Roswell is about 20 miles north of Atlanta.)

Apparently she’d waited on him before, but barely knew him, because she’d only worked there three months. Anyway, while they were talking, she found out he recently lost function in both kidneys due to cancer.

That hit close to home for Mariana, because her grandmother recently passed away from kidney failure. She knew Donald could still live a normal life with one kidney . . . so she offered to give him one of HERS. And he accepted.

The surgery happened last Friday at a transplant center in Atlanta, and Donald and Mariana are both doing fine.