A Guy Wins $1 Million in the Lottery, and Splits It With His Brother . . . Because They Made a Pact When They Were Kids


Earlier this month, 45-year-old Eric Hale of Bend, Oregon checked the numbers on a Powerball ticket he bought, and realized he’d won a MILLION BUCKS. And that actually presented him with a PROBLEM.

Because back when he was a kid, Eric promised his brother Quinn that if he ever won the lottery, he’d split it with him.

Now, obviously they were kids, and I don’t think most people would blame him if he pretended to FORGET about it. There’s gotta be some kind of statute of limitations on an offer like that.

But instead, Eric immediately called his brother, told him he won . . . and said he was KEEPING his promise.

They got their money this past Thursday, and each took home about $335,000 after taxes.



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