A Guy Sued Applebee’s Because He Burned His Face Praying Over a Skillet of Steak Fajitas


You know how the waitress always says, “Be careful, these are SOOOOO hot” when she brings over your skillet of fajitas? She’s NOT lying.

Hiram Jimenez of Trenton, New Jersey went to an Applebee’s back in March of 2010 and ordered steak fajitas . . . and of course they were served in a sizzling skillet.

When the food arrived, Hiram and his brother decided to pray, and bowed their heads. But Hiram dipped a little too low and burned his left eye and his FACE on the skillet. Then he jumped up and knocked the skillet into his lap, and caused MORE burns.

Fortunately, none of the burns left a scar . . . but he still sued Applebee’s for negligence.

His case has been bouncing around the courts ever since . . . but yesterday, an appeals court finally squashed it. They ruled that the danger of the sizzling fajitas was self-evident and it was Hiram’s fault for putting his face too close.

(NJ Advance Media)

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