A Guy Runs from the Cops and Ends Up in a Marathon . . . That 90 More Cops Are Running In


Two cops in New York were chasing a guy on foot last week, and he ended up joining a half-marathon that was going on in Central Park.

We don’t know if he was TRYING to be clever, but it does sound like a good way to hide . . . you get to blend in AND keep running.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out for him . . . because 90 of the people running were ALSO cops

They were off-duty police officers from England, who’d flown in to raise money for a cancer charity. The best part is they were running in UNIFORMS . . . they all had those British police helmets on.

One of them is a 28-year-old named Alex Courts, who was about ten miles into the race when he saw the two cops chasing the guy.

He says he didn’t even have to break his stride. He just kept running . . . waited until the guy was right in front of him . . . and tackled him to the ground.

Then after the dude was in handcuffs, Alex finished the last three miles of the race.

(Police Oracle / Metro / Daily Mail)

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