A Guy Robbed a Subway to Pay For a Better Sandwich Across the Street


The sandwiches they make at Subway serve a purpose: They’re cheap, they’re fast, and they taste . . . okay. Most of their competitors make sandwiches that CLEARLY taste better.

43-year-old Frederick Warren of Chicago most definitely agrees with everything I just said.

A few weeks ago, he went into a Subway, pulled out a knife, and demanded all the cash from the register.

Then he took it, and walked across the street to a Potbelly Sandwich Shop . . . and used the cash to buy one THEIR better-tasting subs.

If you don’t know Potbelly, it’s a smaller chain than Subway that makes a pretty good sandwich. Try the meatball?

The cops caught him while he was still sitting in the Potbelly, finishing up his food. He had $186 in cash on him and the knife . . . and he was arrested.

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