A Guy Rents a Crane For an Elaborate Marriage Proposal . . . and Accidentally Destroys His Girlfriend’s Apartment Building


I know there’s an impulse these days to make EVERYTHING a spectacular stunt . . . but please stop. Not everything in life has to go viral.

A guy in the Netherlands was proposing to his girlfriend this weekend, and decided to do something WAY over-the-top. (It happened in a town called IJsselstein.)

So he rented a CRANE, parked it outside his girlfriend’s apartment Saturday morning, and lifted himself up to her bedroom window.

But as the crane lifted him up, it TOPPLED OVER . . . and fell straight into the neighbor’s ROOF.

No one was hurt, and the guy’s girlfriend said yes. So after they talked with the cops, they headed off on a surprise trip to Paris.

But that’s not the end. As the crane operators were trying to get the crane out of the neighbor’s roof using a bigger crane, it fell AGAIN. This time it destroyed the REST of the neighbor’s roof . . . and made six other apartments unsafe to be in.

There’s no word on what charges might be coming.

(Huffington Post