A Guy Is Busted for Cheating When He Gets Into an Accident . . . and All 17 of His Girlfriends Show Up at the Hospital


A guy in Changsha, China named Yuan got into a car accident a few weeks ago, and was taken to the hospital. (His age wasn’t reported, but he looks like he’s in his 20s.)

So doctors contacted everyone in his phone to tell them what was going on.

His girlfriend panicked, and rushed there to see him. But then . . . ANOTHER one of his girlfriends also showed up. And another. And another. And on and on and on.

It turns out Yuan had SEVENTEEN girlfriends, and none of them knew about each other . . . until they all met at the hospital. And apparently, they all went from worried about him to FURIOUS at him.

One of them said she’d been with him for NINE years. Another one says she has a SON with him. And another one had already started planning their wedding.

His injuries weren’t life threatening . . . but we’re assuming all 17 of his relationships pretty much flat lined.

(South China Morning Post

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