A Guy Found $127,000 in a Desk He Bought for 40 Bucks (What would you do?)


We’ve all fantasized about buying something at a yard sale, paying next-to-nothing for it, then finding out it’s worth a fortune. Which is why this is so great.

A guy in Weymouth, Massachusetts named Phil LeClerc recently bought an antique desk at an auction for 40 bucks. (He looks to be in his early 50s. Weymouth is about 15 miles south of Boston.)

And while he was looking through the drawers for a missing knob, he found something else . . . over $127,000 in SAVINGS BONDS.

The amazing part is what he did next though. Because instead of cashing them in, Phil immediately called the auction house where he bought the desk . . . and asked if they could help track down the previous owner.

It turned out it was a 94-year-old, who recently decided to sell his house and all his stuff so he could afford to move into a nursing home. And his family had been searching for the savings bonds for YEARS.

Phil says that after he heard their story, he was even happier that he decided to do the right thing.


(WickedLocal.com / WCVB / Yahoo)

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