A Guy Carjacked a Woman to Steal Milk and Cookies From a Bunch of Gas Stations

milk-zNKI like milk and cookies. Everyone likes milk and cookies. But now we know it’s possible to like them TOO much.

A 43-year-old guy named Robert Smith from Lakeland, Florida carjacked a woman at a gas station last week. He told her, quote, “Have [an effing] good day” . . . and then he sped off at 100 miles an hour.

His first stop was another gas station, where he stole a bunch of milk and cookies. His next stop? Another gas station, to steal more milk and cookies. And after that, he kept hitting gas stations . . . but ONLY taking milk and cookies.

The cops eventually caught up to him, and he admitted to carjacking the woman and stealing all the milk and cookies. But it’s not clear if he ever ate or drank any of them.

He’s only been charged with carjacking so far.

(FOX 13 – Tampa


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