A Guy Asked If He Could Take His Friend’s Hot Mom to Prom, If He Got 500,000 Retweets . . . and the Internet Helped Him Out

Anthony Pinnisi and Chloe Albrite are students at Patriot High School in Nokesville, Virginia . . . and even though it’s a few months away, they’re already thinking about going to prom. Not with each other, though.

Anthony texted Chloe on Wednesday night, and asked if he could take her HOT MOM to prom if he got enough retweets. She thought it was pretty ridiculous, but they agreed on 500,000 retweets, and if he hit that number he would ask her mom.

So he tweeted “Help a dude out” that night, with a few photos of Chloe’s mom, and a screenshot showing their texts about the retweet challenge.

And . . . the Internet was TOTALLY on board.

By yesterday morning, he had more than 55,000 retweets . . . but his school found out and made him take the tweet down.


(Here are some photos of Anthony, Chloe, and Chloe’s mom, starting with screenshots of the exchange between Anthony and Chloe that got things going.)1-rld



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