A Dog Fell 14 Stories, and a Stranger Caught It

Dog Fell 14 Stories
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A guy in Portland, Oregon named Ted Nelson looked out his window on Monday, and saw a dog had slipped through a railing on a 14th floor balcony across the street. (We don’t know how old Ted is, but he looks like he’s in his 30’s.)

The dog was a five-year-old Bichon Frise named Mordy. (It’s pronounced ‘bee-szhawn free-zay.) And as soon as Ted saw him on the edge of the balcony, he ran across the street to yell up to the owners.

But while he was standing there, Mordy lost his balance . . . fell 14 stories . . . and Ted CAUGHT him. Bichons aren’t big dogs . . . they usually weigh about ten pounds. But that’s not tiny either.

Ted says Mordy hit him in the chest, so he tried to grab him with his arms. But he slipped through and landed on the ground. Still, that slowed him down enough, and he survived.

Ted and his girlfriend rushed him to a vet, but Mordy only ended up with a few bumps and bruises. His owners say they’re extremely thankful Ted did what he did. Apparently they had no idea the railing was big enough for him to fit through.

Ted’s okay too, and he’s actually done something like this before. He saw a cat about to fall off a balcony in the same building last year. But that time the owners heard him yelling and grabbed it before it fell.




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