A Bear Breaks Into a Bakery and Eats All The Pies . . . Except For One Flavor

Bear eats pies

Who ate all the pies (save one)?

This might be a definitive answer to the question ‘What’s the worst type of pie?’

A bear broke into a bakery in Pinewood Springs, Colorado on Monday night. He smashed a window, crawled in, and went straight for their pies . . . which he just DEVOURED.

Except for one flavor. The bear ate 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, a few bags of cocoa and sugar . . . but wouldn’t touch the STRAWBERRY RHUBARB pies.

Because the bear knows what so many of us know: Strawberry rhubarb pie is terrible.

The woman who owns the place says, quote, “Maybe he wasn’t feeling a tart pie, I guess.”


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