90% of Your Coworkers Would Rather You Stay Home Than Come in Sick


Here’s how much your coworkers hate you when you’re sick . . . they’d rather do extra work than be in the same room with you.

A new survey found 90% of people would prefer their sick coworkers stay home than tough it out and come in to work . . . even though in a lot of cases, that means you’ll have to do a little extra work to cover for them.

The survey also found the eight most annoying things coworkers do when they come in sick . . .

1. Not covering their mouth when they cough.

2. Sniffling.

3. Wiping their nose on their sleeve.

4. Sneezing.

5. Leaving used tissues around.

6. Letting their nose run without using a tissue.

7. Blowing their nose.

8. Complaining about being sick.



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